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Curative Alchemy

Curative Alchemy is what I call the process I go through when I create a Pendulum Bracelet or a Touchstone Wristlet.  I created my first Pendulum Bracelet in 2018 out of a deep desire to transform what was ailing me while living with a protracted illness. Wearing it brought me a sense of calm reminding me daily to transform what was ailing me into gold.


I call the people I create these sacred pieces for their Keepers. I do not create a piece without being requested to do so by either the Keeper or a very special person who wants to gift one to a loved one.  This means that each piece is created with the Keeper in mind, even if I do not know them directly.


My process of making Pendulum Bracelets and Touchstone Wristlets is a guided, meditative, and truly peaceful experience.  Once made, I cleanse each piece in purified water and then charge them in sunlight and/or moonlight.  The unique gemstones meant for each person always find their way to them sometimes even redirecting me mid-creation.  I always listen and find the journey fascinating, never repeating the same design. 

Pendulum Bracelets and Touchstone Wristlets
Transforming What Ails Us Into Gold



Pendulum Bracelets 

Hanging and Flat Styles $125

Companion Wristlets

To Wear with Pendulum Bracelets $65

Touchstone Wristlets

Wristlets with Hanging Touchstones $75


Sterling Sliver Chain to Convert Pendulum & Wristlet Into Various Necklace  Lengths (32"/23"/18"): $35  

Bracelets and wristlets are designed to be worn with the pendulum or touchstone falling beneath the wrist at the pulse point where they bring and receive transformative energy to and from their Keepers. 

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