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Curative Reading is a new form of medicine using the power of reading fictional story 

and connecting with others in community to promote better health for people and the natural world.  It blends inspired literature with sacred nature and vibrant local food to to support to anyone moving through challenging change and transition.  


Some of the many benefits of reading fiction include reduced levels of stress, improved memory, enhanced attention span, better sleep and boosted immunity..  Joining a Curative Reading Community enables participants to view their own lives, challenges and all, through a backdoor lens where imagination, inspiration and new possibilities are sparked.


Curative Reading selects a text of literary fiction and explores it in depth over a period of 8-10 weeks reading approximately 30-40 pages each week.  Participants read and answer written questions in advance of each meeting and share insights in weekly gatherings.  They also  learn the therapeutic and scientific benefits of reading and building healthy connections for the brain, body, and overall health.. Materials and on-line resources to enhance health are shared in weekly Curative Reading Prescriptions from experts in the fields of medicine, science,, nature and more.

curative reading

Book Stack

spark your imagination, get inspired, and create a positive future for yourself, others and the natural world. 

A Dead of Winter Event at HOME on February 25th

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Velma’s Window 

“When you read a book in a Curative Reading Community you go deeply into the story and get different perspectives from other readers which helps you to see things through a new window.  It helps you develop empathy for yourself and others and expands your emotional intelligence and entire life in a way that only makes you healthier.”

Velma Ayala-Zayas,
Curative Reader, 2020

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