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Wellness Retreats


Bringing People Together Seasonally to Enhance Wellness with Wonder Through Inspired Literature, The Natural World, and Local Farm-Fresh Food.


Why attend a WonderLIT
Seasonal Retreat?

We believe in allowing the health of the body to follow the rhythms of the natural world.  This means allowing nature to guide the way for us and to see each season as a new opportunity to restore and renew.  Our love of literature calls us to enter a process of re-story-ation with each  season giving us a chance to reimagine a new story or next chapter

in life.  Each new chapter begins with a spark of wellness. WonderLIT retreats enhance wellness by bringing people together to make deep connections with great literature, sacred nature, and

vibrant local food.

View a Photo Story of the Spring
WonderLIT Wellness Retreat

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Inspired Literature

KateCloseLab copy.jpeg

The Natural World

Saturday Group 2.jpeg

Local Farm Fresh Food

WonderLIT Curators

WonderLIT was created from a deep desire to find new tools to enhance health and wellness by Catherine Brooks, Literary Apothecary and Curator of Stories for Medicine, and Kim Krug, Curator of Books and Experiences and Traveling Bookseller.

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