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curative reading
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Sometimes the best thing we can do for our health is share a story with someone else   

Reading a selected piece of fiction in depth over time with others teaches the transformative power of the imagination, the therapeutic benefits of connection, and the science of how interconnected our health is to others and the natural world.


Up to twelve participants will read 30-40 pages per week and answer written questions in advance of 8-weekly virtual sessions (75 minutes). 

A Weekly Curative Reading Community creates connection and enhances health by:

  • Teaching the science and neurobiology of reading and creating healthy connections with others and the natural world for the brain, body and overall health.

  • Creating healthy connections, based on empathy, curiosity and respect, between Curative Readers in community 

  • Providing weekly Curative Reading Prescriptions to boost health from experts in the fields of medicine, science, literature, nature, and more, including links to the latest scientific research, articles, videos, and soundbites on health.

  • Offering Curative Reading Companion Health Texts to compliment fictional story teaching new and easily accessible ways to improve health.

  • Hosting guest appearances from authors, researchers, health practitioners, and experienced Curative Readers.




Charlotte's Web  
by E. B. White

Single Session

(Sunday 4:00 pm-5:15 pm or Tuesday 1:00 pm -2:15 pm) 





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