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Your Brain For The Better on Virginia Woolf and Curative Shorts

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

When we read a Curative Shorts selected short story we are not only lifting our attitudes to antidote discouragement and boost our immunity, but we are also exercising our brains and focusing in a new way. A Curative Reading experience enables us to think more rigorously about a piece of literary fiction.  It spans time and goes into much greater depth as we read and answer questions about the story on our own and then deepen that experience with connection and group discussion. 

Research on the benefits of reading literary fiction revealed in this article, This Is Your Brain on Jane Austen, and Stanford Researchers are Taking Notes, shows us how the kind of in-depth reading we do as Curative Readers is transforming our brains for the better.  

And in case you are still wondering why you would want to read a story for curative purposes, perhaps you can let Virginia Woolf remind you by reading her short story, A Society, and answering the questions below. 

This Week's Curative Prescription - Take a few extra minutes after you read the story and answer the questions to bring a sense of relaxation to your body.  As you feel yourself relax into the moment bring an awareness to your head.  Fill yourself in this quiet moment with an appreciation for refocusing your attention and exercising your brain.  Find yourself in a more balanced and healing state.

Read on and engage your brain for the better with Virginia Woolf and Curative Shorts.

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