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A Spider, A Pig, and Anxiety: How Fiction Can Help Anxious Kids

During the holidays this past year, I felt a blogger, podcaster, "Krista Tippetter" inside of me wanting to escape. I wanted to write, broadcast, and “have civil conversations” about my new creation and passion, Curative Reading. I made the decision to create an online presence and do more writing and then there it was right in front of me on Christmas Day.

I was with a special cousin meeting her new partner's family when his daughte; an accomplished writer, blogger, social worker, and so many more wonderful things, asked me to write a guest post on her wise and hilariously funny parenting blog, A Mothership Down. Her request had been sparked by the sharing of my Curative Reading story and how its creation had been a result of my own health challenges of debilitating neurologic and digestive distress. I explained how reading fictional story had become one of my best medicines to return my body and my mind to a state of peace when mysterious medical symptoms had left me off in the better part of many days since 2014 in a perpetual state of fight or flight.

As it turned out, she was shaping articles for her parenting blog for the month of January and wanted to focus on anxiety in kids because so many of her parents were concerned about it. She wondered if the research and Curative Reading would point in the same positive direction for kids as it had for me as an adult. And it just so happened that it did.

If you have a chance to read my article, How Fiction Can Help Anxious Kids, and it inspires you in any way, would you share it for all the anxious children in our world, and adults for that matter?

Reading fiction at any age can lift attitudes and enable us to create new possibilities to grow in body, mind and spirit. I can prove it, and so can E. B. White.  

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