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Forest Bathing with Virginia Woolf and Curative Reading: An Outdoor Event Bridging Literature with Nature, Science and Spirituality to Heal People and The Natural World


Saturday Afternoon October 23rd,, 3:00-4:30 pm

Queset House Gardens, The Ames Public Library,

51 Main Street, North Easton, MA

Reading a short story with others in the natural world teaches the transformative power of the imagination, the therapeutic benefits of nature, and the science of how interconnected our health is to others and the natural world.


Up to fifteen participants will read Virginia Woolf's short story, Kew Gardens (2614 words), and answer written questions in advance of this outdoor reading and forest bathing experience.


Participants will have an opportunity read the story aloud a second time in the Queset House Gardens as they spark their imaginations and listen for curative messages. Guided forest bathing and meditative walking will be taught and integrated into this therapeutic reading experience. 

Curative Reading teaches the science and neurobiology of reading and creating healthy connections with others and the natural world for the brain, body and overall health.


Kew Gardens  
by Virginia Woolf (1919



To sign up for this event click on the blue button below or contact Catherine Brooks at

(508) 367-9091


Curated and guided by Literary Apothecary and Founder of Curative Reading 

Catherine Brooks.


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