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Combining the Art Form of Literature with The Science of Health to Foster Healing and Boost Immunity In Days of Social Distancing 

8-Week Winter Series Begins on Either:

Sunday, January 3rd, 4:00-5:15 pm or Tuesday January 5th, 1:00-2:15 pm 

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Reading a selected piece of fiction in depth over time with others teaches the transformative power of the imagination, the therapeutic benefits of connection, and the neurobiology of health.


Up to twelve participants will read 30-40 pages per week and answer written questions in advance of 8-weekly virtual sessions (75 minutes). 

A Weekly Curative Reading Community creates connection, boosts immunity and treats what's ailing you in challenging times by:

  • Selecting fictional stories in the context of present-day challenges to enhance health and wellbeing.

  • Guiding and shaping story and connection on a weekly basis to tend to and care for participants.

  • Providing weekly Curative Reading Prescriptions to boost health from experts in the fields of medicine, literary neuro-science, bibliotherapy and more, including links to the latest science, videos, and soundbites on health.

  • Hosting guest appearances from authors, researchers, health practitioners and experienced Curative Readers.

Reading fiction and creating connection as a Curative Reader is healing for the brain, body, and overall health. 

Howards End  
by E. M. Forster 



10% discount for returning
Curative Readers


Option to join a single week 
or more

 $25 per session 


Follow the weekly reading syllabus and receive weekly questions


Consider supporting you local bookseller to purchase the book or check it out from your local library. 


Weekly sessions curated and guided by Catherine Brooks.


Click the yellow button below to sign up or send check to address as follows: 


Catherine Brooks  

293 Beacon Street # 5

Boston, MA 02116

Contact Catherine for Curative Scholarships at

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