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Using The Power of Story and Connection to Promote Better Health For People and The Natural World Based on The Science of Health

8-Week Spring Series Begins on Either:

Sunday, April 4th, 4:30-5:45 pm or Tuesday, April 6th, 1:00-2:15 pm


Option to join the other weekday series if you have to miss a scheduled Sunday or Tuesday session.


Reading a selected piece of fiction in depth over time with others teaches the transformative power of the imagination, the therapeutic benefits of connection, and the science of how interconnected our health is to others and the natural world.


Up to ten participants will read 30-40 pages per week and answer written questions in advance of 8-weekly virtual sessions (75 minutes). 

A Weekly Curative Reading Community creates connection and enhances health by:

  • Selecting fictional stories in the context of present-day challenges to enhance health and wellbeing for people and the natural world.

  • Teaching the benefits of reading fictional stories to enhance empathy, spark imagination, and combat discouragement in challenging times,

  • Teaching the science of reading and creating healthy connections with others and the natural world for the brain, body and overall health. 

  • Guiding and shaping story and connection on a weekly basis to tend to and care for participants while raising awareness of the link between human health and the health of all living things.

  • Providing weekly Curative Reading Prescriptions to boost health from experts in the fields of medicine, science, literature, nature, and more, including links to the latest scientific research, articles, videos, and soundbites on health.

  • Hosting guest appearances from authors, researchers, health practitioners, and experienced Curative Readers.


Where the Forest Meets the Stars  
by Glendy Vanderah 



10% discount for returning
Curative Readers

Follow the weekly reading syllabus and receive weekly questions and curative reading prescriptions


Option to join the final session

or any single week or more

 $25 per session 

Purchase the book at a 10% off with free shipping and a literary tea bag to sip a curative cup of tea while you read.  Support Curative Reader Kim Krug's independent bookstore by ordering at 716-204-8417 or 


Weekly sessions curated and guided by Catherine Brooks.


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Venmo: @Kelly-Brooks-19

Check Mailing: 

Catherine Brooks  

293 Beacon Street # 5

Boston, MA 02116

Contact Catherine for Curative Scholarships at

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