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open books

imagine a new story with endless possibilities,
curative reading

enhancing health one great story at a time
with inspired literature, sacred 
nature, and vibrant local food 

Pink Chair

what I believe

I truly believe in order to adapt to the enormity of the changes that are upon us in our world and with our health today we need to find new tools.  Curative Reading offers us a new way forward sparking our imagination, inspiring us with good literary fiction, and teaching us just how connected our health is to others and the natural world. When we come together to share the inspiration of a good story in connection with others and learn how that interaction changes our biology for the better, we begin to shape a new and positive arc to our own personal stories as well as the larger collective story of the world we all inhabit together.  It is from this place that we create a whole new reality of unlimited possibilities leading us forward into a world far better than what we could have ever imagined before.

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curative reading on WBUR-NPR: 
Kind World

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