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A Ghost Story From Nantucket Island
Presented by Curative Shorts


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A Curative Shorts

On-Line Gathering

Sunday, October 1st 7:30-8:45 pm


Reading Mark Twain's short story, A Ghost Story, written in 1870, will spark your sense of terror as well as your sense of humor. Viewed through a curative lens, this short story teaches us the value of discernment in an age of heightened fear and confusion.  Explore the difference between what is real and what is imagined and move through the fight or flight response into relaxation and healing with Twain's humor and wit.  

A small on-line gathering of up to twelve participants will receive a potent remedy of Curative Reading.   This event promises to leave you with a whole new understanding of medicine and healing.


Curative Text: 
A Ghost Story 
by Mark Twain (1870)




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 This Curative Shorts event is guided and curated by Catherine Brooks.  

Learn more about Catherine and Her 

Healing Home Sanctuary Wellness Retreats here.

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